Classes to Take at Lasell: Environmental Ethics

The world is kind of falling apart. And we’re pretty much the cause of it. If you doubt that, then think back to the four inches of snow we got on that random day in April, or the heatwave barefoot weather we saw mid-January. Thankfully, Lasell’s own environmental department has a class focused specifically in dealing with the environment and how it relates to human decisions/life and vice versa. Throughout the class, Professor Dyanna Smith, introduces various issues and how different cultures can either help, harm or neutralize them.

She breaks down the game changing novel by Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, as well as supporting student led discussion throughout the semester. By taking in the views of different students with their diverse backgrounds, we were better able to examine controversial issues from all standpoints. One of the biggest issues discussed was the controversial use of DDT, an extremely harmful pesticide that has been banned in many places, but has shown to be effective in destroying mosquitoes that carry malaria in parts of Africa.

By bringing up topics like this in a discussion centered class, not only did students become eager to share their own educated thoughts, but opinions began to change based on what others had to say. Questioning ethics can be a sticky topic that doesn’t always result in happy solutions, but this course provided an opportunity to come pretty darn close.

This class is recommended to anyone and everyone. Not only is it important to become educated on the surrounding world, but to figure out where you as an individual stands on current issues. The environment is the most important issue of our time.

That’s not an exaggerated statement. It is the Earth that provides for us, where every resource is found. Regardless of how many man made processes it must go through, even that plastic cup was manipulated from some earthly substance in its beginning. Taking care of that which provides for us needs to happen sooner rather than later. Take this course and get educated.