Charlie Heaton is a #Daddy

Before you mark this article off as something you already knew, hear me out. We all know Charlie Heaton, aka sexy loner Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things, is a #daddy (if you know what I mean), but reportedly he is ACTUALLY a father as well.

Heaton has done a great job at keeping his personal life on the D.L since starring in the Netflix hit Stranger Things. So quiet in fact, that no one knew he had a 3-year-old son until the Daily Mail wrote about it.

Heaton was a member of the rock band Comanechi before leaving in 2015 to focus on acting. While in Comanechi, he dated fellow member Akiko Matsuura, who is the mother of their son, Archie. Although Heaton spends most of his time in L.A filming, he flies to England frequently to see Archie, who lives with Matsuura.

The news was released following Heaton’s bust with cocaine at LAX Airport. Heaton’s wallet had traces of the drug which he claims was not his. Various drug tests came back as negative including a hair sample which can detect substances up to five months after use.