Campus Cutie: Peter Dolan

An upper classman named Peter Dolan is this week’s campus cutie, although many fellow lasers know him as Pete, Petey, Pistol or Red.  The nickname Red comes from the naturally vibrant color of this New York native’s hair.  As for Pistol, Pete said, “Pistol comes from the Lacrosse team. On the first day of practice, number 28 called me Pistol Pete.”  Even though lacrosse is a major part of Pete’s life, it may be surprising to hear him say, “My major is communications, concentrations in video radio production and entertainment media and a business minor.”

Film is not only part of his major here at Lasell, but one can find Pete filming in his free time either making time lapses or using an artsier style to create one.  In addition to lacrosse, Pete is also a resident assistant (RA) and a member of Lasell College TV (LCTV) on campus.  However, one hobby that stands above the rest of his after class activities is sleeping.  Pete said, “Sleeping is a good hobby of mine.”

Catching up on so much sleep has allowed Pete to come up with an interesting bucket list.  For instance he said, “I do have a bucket list, I have a lot. Be happy in life, jump out of an airplane, bungee jump, and go skydiving, go see the Seven Wonders of the World, to backpack the world with a backpack and a film camera.”

With a bucket list like this it’s no surprise that Pete lives his life by the quote, “Sometimes life is about risking everything for one dream that no one can see but you.” Including taking risks to achieve his dreams, he also takes many risks with his hair styles. He said, “I’ve had a Mohawk. I’ve had shoulder length hair. I’ve had multiple styles of Mohawks.”  Pete’s hair represents his willingness to try new things and take risks without fear of failure; and if anyone can pull off a Mohawk it’s definitely Pistol Pete.