Campus Cutie: Leanne Signoriello

For this week’s Campus Cutie, we have an underclassman named Leanne Signoriello. She is currently living in North Hall on the Lasell campus and believe it or not, she is only a sophomore. Signoriello has a certain air of maturity to her that makes one assume she must be at least an upperclassman. For instance, her words to live by are, “This is so corny, but I am the strongest believer that everything happens for a reason. I say it everyday to myself, I live by it."  

She is involved with The 1851 Chronicle Lasell newspaper and she said, “I’m a peer mentor and I’m a leadership scholar." Many of the things that Signoriello takes part in after class is associated with the Lasell community. So, it comes as no surprise when she says her favorite part of Lasell is, “Probably the sense of community. It is a really small school like my high school and I think that’s one of the reasons I chose it and it’s really nice getting to see the faces of people that you like everyday. There is a lot of positive people here and I think that I’ve been able to surround myself with good people, which makes Lasell more enjoyable."

Signoriello’s major is, “Sports Communications and Journalism. Just a double concentration, so Communications is my major and those are my two concentrations”.  The first item on Signoriello’s bucket list really attests to her love of sports and the concentration she chose to major in. She said, “The first thing on my bucket list is to marry Tom Brady, but I don’t see that happening in the near future at least." It can’t be denied that Signoriello has got her bucket list down to a tee.

However, the rest of her bucket list revealed the down to earth side of her personality and her high level of maturity. For instance Signoriello said, “I would just like to travel a lot more, at least to every state in the United States. I would also like to go to every continent and just to be very successful in general." Many people list daredevil stunts on their bucket lists, but Signoriello went in an unique direction and turned her bucket list into goals, not just wishes.

As for her future, Signoriello is still on the fence about whether she wants to study abroad or not. She stated that, “I think I want to. I’m going to Vietnam in December/January, so I’m really excited about that. After that I’m going to decide if I want to study abroad, but if I could study abroad I would go to Spain. I’m hoping to do that my senior year." Spain seems like the ideal place for Signoriello, especially because she is very fond of the language.

Signoriello said, “I love Spanish. I use to live in Puerto Rico, so my dad still speaks a little spanish. My dad and I will speak Spanish to each other sometimes. I was born in Boston and then both my parents worked down there so I lived with them and now I live on Cape Cod”. Her bilingual nature will certainly become useful in her future endeavors. Signoriello may not have her entire plan laid out for her next couple of years at Lasell, but there is no slowing her down because this woman is going to make some amazing adventures and unforgettable memories.