Campus Cutie: J.R. Costello

Our Campus Cutie of the week is J.R. Costello, a junior at Lasell hailing from Dennis, MA. J.R. is a Communications major with a focus in Creative Advertising and he is minoring in Psychology. In the future, J.R. hopes to work with children, something he said he has “Always had a passion for.” He spends his summers working at the Cape Cod Collaborative, a program that provides education for students who want or are in need of an alternative to public schooling.

Service is another thing that J.R. is passionate about. He is a co-leader of the Alternative Spring Break program at Lasell; this semester, he went with his group to Philadelphia where they worked at a commune for adults with special needs and participated in urban farming. On his time spent in Philadelphia, J.R. says “It was dope.” Along with participating in ASB, J.R. is considering taking a year after graduating college to go to another state or country and participate in service work. J.R. is currently a resident assistant in Holt Hall, but next semester you can find him drinking his morning coffee on the lawn of Karandon House.

If you don’t know J.R. from being an RA or participating in service trips, you probably know him as the President of Lasell’s A Capella group, The Spartones. J.R. started the group with some friends back in January of 2014, and it has since grown to include 15 members. The group has a range of songs in their repertoire which they rehearse weekly in preparation for their end of the year showcase, which was this past weekend. J.R. has always enjoyed listening to music and finding stress relief through song. His favorite genre at the moment is that of the Alt-Rock style, noting Fleet Foxes and Lucius as some of the bands that come up on his favorite Pandora station.

“I low key really like to collect old cassettes. Fun fact: I usually steal them if they’re over $2 because they’re resale and I know the artist has already made their money off of it.”

Being from Cape Cod, one of J.R.’s favorite food is seafood. However, he just started eating seafood again this summer after being a vegetarian for twelve years. A hobby of his is trying different craft beers and beers that he has never had or heard of before with his friends. Over the summer he likes to be a beach bum and drive around in his little green Saab. His car suits his unique style and is extremely special to him because it has been passed down three generations: from his grandparents, to his parents, until one of his proudest moments when he bought it from them. Even though the Little Green Saab has broken down on J.R. countless times, that doesn't stop him from loving it.

J.R. is one of the best people to know on the Lasell campus, whether you need a laugh, a hug, or a piece of wisdom he’ll be there for you. Be sure to say hi next time you see him around, or next year when you pass him chilling on the lawn of K-House!