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Campus Celebs: Raising Awareness on Domestic Violence

This week, our Campus Celebrities are Professor Karin Raye’s Domestic Violence class. These students, with the guidance of Professor Raye, have been diligently working all semester to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence, and create a safe campus for all students of Lasell.

Domestic Violence, also known is CJ303, not only teaches students about domestic violence, but gives them the tools to make a difference in our world. According to Abby Tague, a student in the class, the students in the class have spent their time, “learning everything from the warning signs of abusive relationships to the reasons survivors have trouble leaving these relationships and telling someone about their abuse.” They have also received twenty hours of domestic violence training, and have learned how to effectively show empathy and empower survivors. In reflection of all of their coursework, Tague stated, “the most important things we took from the class is the prevalence of the issue and how important our voice and dedication is.”  

However, the class didn’t become Campus Celebs just because they are learning about important issues, they are our Campus Celebs because they are doing everything they can to educate the Lasell student body about these issues as well. They have hosted numerous community outreach events, including the Clothesline Project and a Take Back the Night event. Community outreach is extremely important to the students here at Lasell, as Abby states, “at a time as pivotal as our undergrad, we need these experiences outside the classroom to cultivate the important elements of livelihood, like passion, to keep us pushing forward. I think passion and heart are really the driving forces here at Lasell and it’s through community outreach that we demonstrate that in numbers.” She then continued to explain why community outreach is so important to the members of the class, saying, “all these issues are important because they’re important to somebody. Any event that is giving voice to that and opening up our minds to something we haven’t considered before is doing good for our campus and our betterment.” The class is also ever appreciative of those that do come support their events, as Tague expresses her gratitude to, “everyone who has come to our events, signed our banners, or just been friends to sit and listen to these issues. It is these people that help make a real difference in the issues. And what have made our events so successful.”

Behind this class of dedicated activists is their professor, Karin Raye. Raye has worked on issues related to domestic violence for many years, and has brought her passion for social justice to her students at Lasell. Raye’s passion for the issues and dedication for her job inspires everyone who comes in contact with her. According to Abby, Raye is, “just there, anytime of the day when we need her, in whatever role we need her.”  Her dedication to making the world a better place inspires all, as Abby raves, “she doesn’t take on anything that she can’t put her whole self into and she by all means has put herself into this class, this work, and this campus.” Though Raye always gives all the credit to the students in her class, the work she does here at Lasell is life changing for so many students.

On Thursday, December 3rd, the class hosted a Take Back the Night event, where Lasell students shared their stories in a safe and supportive environment. There were four scheduled speakers at the event, but after they shared their stories, their bravery inspired audience members to share their stories as well. According to Abby, “the survivors in the audience at Take Back the Night coming forward and telling their stories voluntarily was the most moving experience not only just in this class but in my life.” Tague also commented on the optimism that this event gave her, stating, “It taught me the power we have as students even in our youth, and it taught me that we have created a safe environment at this school. It showed everyone in that room how prevalent this issue is, and that’s going to make people live differently. Take Back the Night taught me that there is good coming and that makes me very excited for the future of this campus.”

This class is more than a class, they are, in Abby’s words, “an army of social activists”, whose passion for making Lasell, and the world, a better place is beyond inspiring. Their optimism in the face of such a dark subject is admirable, as Abby states, “this class really built my confidence that we’re actually going to do something about these problems and it was entirely because of how hard this class and everyone who has supported us along the way had worked.” Through their hard work and effort, these passionate students and their professor have given Lasell campus hope that we can make a difference in the world. Faith in humanity restored.



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