Campus Celebrity: Trish Moran

This week’s Campus Celebrity is Trish Moran, who is a well-known and well-loved area coordinator (AC) here at Lasell.  An AC has many important duties but Moran said, “The biggest thing is supervising RA’s (resident assistants). My area is North, Bragdon, Campus Center, and Holt.”  Trish is in charge of each of those Lasell campus buildings and conducts one-on-one meetings with RA’s, staff meetings, and keeps track of programming. However, being an AC also entails more serious obligations.

Moran said, “We have to be conduct hearing officers, which is my least favorite thing.”  A conduct hearing officer deals with students when trouble is caused, by hearing their case and putting them through Lasell’s conduct system to resolve issues.  Moran cares a lot about Lasell students, making this particular aspect of her job challenging even if it is necessary.   

After, Moran said, “In terms of things I’m interested in, doing Lasell Says Thank-You and Running Club.”  Not to mention, that she is the advisor for She’s The First Club and takes part in the Outdoor Adventure Club, too. She’s the First Club focuses on bringing education to girls in third-world countries.  Moran is very passionate about service learning and staying active.  Just this past weekend, February 12th to the 14th, was Lasell Says Thank-You Club’s annual service learning trip to New Jersey, that she attended.  

In regards to Lasell Says Thank-You Moran said, “we started that three years ago with an RA Service Trip. The next year we started it as a student club. We do a lot through the help of Katie Rathbun this year, the president. We’ve done two trips, maybe even three. We are going to try do two trips per year, like local service trips to New Jersey or to New York.”  It is through service learning trips and activities like those that Moran really gets to know the Lasell student body outside of the school environment.

When asked what her favorite part of Lasell is, Moran answered, “I would say definately the students, it makes me so happy to be here, that’s way I’ve stayed so long because I didn’t expect such a great community.” This is Moran’s fourth year as an AC at Lasell and the students appreciate her as a person as much as she does them.

In May of 2015, Moran earned her graduates degree in Management from Lasell.  One could tell how much Moran has enriched the students’ lives by the rambunctious and happy applause she received as she walked across the graduation stage this past year.  Moran also has two previous degrees, she said, “I went to BC for undergrad and then I got my graduate degree at UPenn for higher education.”

Also this past year in September Moran added a hyperactive and lovable jack-russell mix named Indy, to her life. She said her dog Indy, “brings a lot of joy, she really does and the students are so great. They love her and my RA’s love her.”  Lasell has embraced Indy as their one of their own and maybe one day she will end up with her own Campus Cutie profile. Moran jokingly adds, “She said she wants to be the next campus cutie. We can get her a glamour shot.” Lasell is proud to have people like Moran and a dog like Indy who embrace life and create such a positive influence for its students.