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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

With quarantine being in full swing, I haven’t had much motivation to do anything besides watch Netflix… sad, isn’t it? However, I’m sure a lot of you are feeling similarly to me as of now so I thought I would review the show that has lately been bringing a smile to my face: Gilmore Girls! 

Now, just like anything else, this show may not be for everyone. But if you’re at all like me and enjoy a semi-dramatic, coming-of-age, witty series (perfect for any average teenage girl basically) then perhaps this is the show for you. The show centers itself around Rory Gilmore and her mother Lorelai, along with all of the other interesting characters. They live in Stars Hollow, a quaint little town in Connecticut where everyone knows everything about everyone. 

Lorelai had Rory at sixteen, making the two somewhat close in age, therefore allowing for plenty of mishaps, almost comical anecdotes, and enough witty banter to last a lifetime. We watch Rory struggle through the work, romances, and otherwise awkward interactions of both high school and college, and in a way, we watch Lorelai grow with her; from fighting with her parents to her own romances to opening her very own Inn. 

Everyone we eventually meet in Stars Hollow is somewhat complex and always brings a new adventure. You start to feel like you actually live there; eventually, it almost feels as if you’re grabbing coffee at Luke’s or walking by Miss Patty’s along with the actual cast. 

The writers are incredible too; never have I felt as though I wished I could actually be friends with a tv character. Every scene is relatable and in every other sentence lies a reference to something hilarious or sarcasm so dry you’re almost not sure if they’re joking. 

So to anyone looking for a 7-season series you can binge for hours without getting bored, I recommend Gilmore Girls.

Hi everyone! My name is Marisa Fertitta and I’m a freshman at Lasell University. I’m a fashion media major, but I also love to sing and play volleyball! Just a fun fact, my favorite color is pink. :)