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Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned In 2023

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I don’t know if anyone has been going through it, but I’ve been going THROUGH IT. 2023, you better be counting your days. Along these past couple of months I was able to learn big lessons and see overall growth in my life. Here are my biggest takeaways from this year.

Letting Go & Embracing What Stays

The first 6 months of this year was a lot of just accepting things for what they are. Even if it left me disappointed, it was out of my control and I had to let go, especially losing friendships I thought I would never lose. However, for the things and people who stayed and have supported me, I learned to embrace them. Sharing my love and gratitude has helped me outweigh all of the things I had to let go. 

Keeping a high opinion of yourself will save you from other people’s assumptions

You can’t change how people perceive you. Especially if it’s negative. However, I am responsible for how I see myself and how I carry myself. Keeping a high opinion of myself has canceled out the negative perceptions other people make. It also has brought a peace of mind. 

If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be

As someone who relies on their intuition and is cautious of certain surroundings, I have taken the observation to pay attention to signs in my life, especially giving second chances to people, situations and myself. 

Be excited for the best days that you haven’t experienced yet

Sometimes when negative occurrences happen, especially more than twice around the same time, it’s hard to see the better days. However, I just kept in gratitude for what’s working out, all the love and support I have, and everything I have in my life. I also think about my goals to get excited.

Keep a Birds Eye POV

As stressful and scary as life can be, taking a step back and realizing some things aren’t as HUGE as we see it, is the best relief. When going through personal struggles and stressful situations, I decided to just take a moment and realize that the situation isn’t as stressful as I thought it was initially. Especially if it’s out of my control. 

Some big lessons may come at a time where we need it the most! Good or difficult times, it is relieving looking back at the lessons when navigating life. I like to see them as tools I gained from the universe.

Jade Diaz

Lasell '23

Jade is a Senior at Lasell, majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Management. She adores figurative art, and enjoys being creative in any way possible. She is sneaker- obsessed and loves the world of fashion. One fun fact is that her dog Finn, is named after a Star Wars character named FN-2187.