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Beyond the Cover and Between the Lines: Kelly Esposito


Kelly Esposito. This beautifully bad mama overflows with intrigue. Her edgy style, mixed with that surprisingly sweet charm, make for one kick-ass human being. So it’s no wonder she made LCHC’s top eight “Baddest Females on Campus”. If you’re not whimsically inspired by the art tattooing her right arm and rib cage, then you will be by her passion for life.

Esposito is an English major with strong family ties, who lets her dedication to literature and relationships guide her through the good and the bad of the path fate has carved out for her. She writes. Everyday. No exceptions. And she admits “It’s something that I will never be perfect at, and there is always much more to learn.” It is because of this philosophy that she will always be improving and never settling for “good enough”. Her amazing ability to create new worlds out of thin air is a talent that many can possess, but few can execute in the way she can.

Even simply sitting down and talking with her about a collaborative idea she’s had rolling around in her head, she takes her audience right into that world with her.

Outside her limitless brain of creation, Esposito delves into a variety of organizations on campus including the Blue Key Society, the prestigious Honor’s Program and is Co-Editor of Lasell’s own Tarnished magazine.

Her hopes for the future are many. The one standing out above the rest, though, is the hope for her love of the written word to change someone’s life for the better. “Books have helped me through a lot of really tough times. I want to be able to help someone that’s going through a rough time, and I want to make people feel with my writing.”

With goals like this, it’s no doubt Kelly Esposito has the right mind to change the world. Looking beyond the cover and between the lines. Like any good author of their own story would.



Haleigh West is an Honor's Student majoring in Fashion Design with a double minor in Environmental Studies and Studio Art. Her articles are centered around sexual awareness and relationship advice, with the occasional piece focusing on social justice from a feminist perspective. Outside of HerCampus, she runs Lasell's chapter of Active Minds, an organization dedicated to ending the stigma of mental illness on campus, and is an avid hiker who never stops exploring.As a self proclaimed "equalist" she is determined to live in a world where all are created equal. Free of sexism, free of racism, free of all stigma. A truly free world. 
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