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Best Techniques to Manifesting Anything you Desire

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

Have you ever wanted that perfect dream job or the boy you have had a crush on for months? Maybe you imagined it in such vivid detail, spent hours working towards it so much that it actually happened. This is the concept of manifestation, turning your dreams into a reality by creating such a desire to want someone or something to happen in your life. You should not expect it to happen instantly or overnight – there are proactive steps to be taken to ensure a possibility of your dream becoming a change in your spiritual life.

These are just a few of the many ways to manifest certain aspects of your life…

How to Manifest Confidence – Start by taking a piece of paper to write three things you love about yourself, in other words, a time to brag about yourself! Below that, write down three of your insecurities. Draw a line right in the middle of the paper that separates these three aspects. Review your best traits while also admiring your insecurities in a positive light versus a negative light. Repeat these traits nightly or weekly to find confidence and be more kind to yourself.

How to Manifest Money – Look at those bank statements that seem to be a compile of papers that do not mean much to you. The most important objective is to imagine what it would feel like to not have to worry about finances. Write a check out to yourself for an amount that would make you personally feel financially stable on your own. This number should not be ridiculously high and unreasonable, but rather a number that you know personally you could live happily with. Next, choose a future date, hopefully, a few years from now, and write that date on the check along with your signature. Keep that check-in safekeeping where it will not be touched for a while, and begin thinking about the financial steps you can take to start working towards that goal. 
How to Manifest The Dream Job – What does a dream job mean to you? Does it mean the career path that has your interests and skills, even if the pay is not enough? Instead of choosing between happiness and money, start manifesting the fact that you are able to have both. Start by identifying your values, interests, and appreciate your worth. A company is lucky to have YOU with them, not the other way around. Don’t be afraid to start over, a college degree should not limit your expectations in the job search, create a vision without any limitations.

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Kaylie Silva

Lasell '23

Kaylie Silva is a junior at Lasell University studying Business Management and Finance. She is also a part of Lasell's Student Government Association as the VP of Finance. A few fun facts about Kaylie are; she is book nerd, enjoys going to the beach, and can speak two languages. Her instagram can be found at @kayliesilvaa