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The Best Halloween Marathon Movies to Binge This Halloweekend

Happy Spooktober! What are your plans this Halloween? If you’re too old for trick or treating than Netflix and FreeForm are your go tos for the classic Halloween films we grew up to love. It’s time to have a fright night! Invite your friends or have a date night this halloween with these frightening flicks. If you’re a fan of horror films, then this list has just the right mix for you. If you love Halloweentown and the disney halloween classics, I got you too. Remember, these movie’s scare because they care. Here is our best movies for Halloween to binge on the 31st this year.

1. Halloweentown Franchise



Debbie Reynolds in all her glory. The best witch around town in this spooktober favorite.

2. Coraline


Think Alice in Wonderland yet it’s not off with your head but off with your eyes instead! This film still gives me the creeps.

3. Insidious


By the looks of the gif, you can already tell how scary this film is. It’s also a freaky franchise but without saying, this one gets me the most.

4. The Conjuring Franchise




One of my favorite horror films and franchises to this day. You’ll want to think twice about playing hide and seek again after this film. Did I mention they’re based on true stories too?! It’s some Scary S***!

5. Coco



On the not so scary part, this film is beautiful and will bring tears to your eyes. It’s a perfect mix of Halloween fun with the Day of the Dead genre. Plus, the music is bopping and makes you want to throw a fiesta.

6. The Addams Family 



They’re creepy and their kooky. They have an animated film now but with this cult classic is always a fun and hilarious one for the books. They got the perfect cast and it’s always running on Freeform and Netflix so you can’t miss seeing this family this Halloween.

7. Ghostbusters




Who you gonna call?? This film might be an oldie but its a goodie. It’s also it’s 35th anniversary this year so the film has been brought back in select theatres. When you get a chance, go see these comedians kick some ghost hunting butt!

8. Scream Franchise




This film is either a true horror or comedy. There are 4 of them too! The first one is always the slasher classic with Drew Barrymore on the phone and being a dumb blonde (Classic Drew). This franchise never gets old though for this spooky season. Even if it’s not super scary, it’s still a true thriller.

9. Monsters Inc



Boo! Rawr! We all can’t get enough of Mike, Sully, and our favorite lil monster, Boo! It’s a fan favorite.


 10. The Haunted Mansion



This movie doesn’t get that much recognition but Eddie Murphy slaps with this disney thrill ride. Fun Fact: It’s based on The Haunted Mansion ride at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Plus, it’s on Freeform this season.

11. The Corpse Bride




Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter as Tim Burton claymations?! Hell yes! It’s the weirdest wedding ever yet the film is stunning in anyway possible. It’s a must watch.

 12. The Nightmare before Christmas



Another Tim Burton classic! This is a true HALLOWEEN film. A skeleton falls in love with Christmas but wants to take it over?! Yes, this cult classic is indeed a Halloween flick.

13. Hocus Pocus 



Have to end the list with this witchy flick! Always a fan favorite and a great way to showcase Salem, Massachusetts. You can’t miss this film this Halloween or The Sanderson Sisters will cast a spell on you so you’re doomed to watch the film over and over again. I think Freeform was a cast a spell cause the film is playing all day on Halloween so there is no excuse to miss it (Hahaha).

Ready to start your Halloween Movie Marathon? Visit Freeform and Netflix to see these films. 


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