The Best Crystals for Manifesting

Crystals are in, but how do you really use crystals? Crystals have been taking the internet by storm, but there has been a big gap between owning them and knowing how to use them. You’ve seen them on your favorite Instagrammer’s story, on your favorite online publications, and in magazines; but all they tell you this crystal is great for this or that. You are about to find yourself lost in the world of crystals, once you finally understand how to manifest with them.

Manifesting… what is manifesting and what does it have to do with crystals? Manifesting is attracting something to yourself through spiritual means. This can be done through a variety of methods including visualization and scripting. Whatever you wish to attract in your life, you need to be able to see yourself played out and believe in yourself. Now I’m not talking about the law of attraction because it does not follow those rules, manifesting in this form has been done for thousands of years by many cultures.

Crystals can be used to amplify your intentions when you are manifesting. The vibrational energy of crystals are used to help align us to our intentions, every crystal has different energy frequency. They respond to the input of energy, which allows them to output different vibrations. When we come into contact with crystals they interact with our energy. You can use these crystals for manifestation in a variety of ways including meditation, sleeping with them, keeping it in your space or wearing it in jewelry.

There are a variety of crystals that are amazing for manifesting because of their energy and how multi-used they are. However, some of the best crystals are in the quartz family.

Clear quartz

This is one of the most common crystals used in manifesting. It is the must-have crystal because it can be used to attract anything. Clear Quartz has one of the highest energy frequency and is programable. This is also a very easy to find crystal, so it is accessible and cheap.


Amethyst is an extremely popular crystal in the manifesting community because it is a very intuitive stone, that allows you to manifest quickly. It is known for spiritual wisdom and has a calming energy, despite being an effective crystal. This crystal is great to connect your spiritual world to your desire.


This is a very powerful crystal that is very direct without being too strong. Citrine is great for manifesting prosperity and happiness. This is not as popular for manifesting, but it is a very crystal that many people undervalue. However, this is a staple to have in your crystal collection because so many matters connect with this.

Rose Quartz

This is my final suggestion and everyone seems to have a picture of it on their Instagram page because of the gorgeous pink color. It is a soft and healing stone, that is more gentle than the ones above, which is why I had to suggest it. It is great for manifesting healing, relationships and anything with the matters of the heart.