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Beauty Binge: What You Need to Know about Shaving Your Face for Better Makeup

Face shaving once seemed to be a taboo, something that people rarely talked about in the beauty community. But in the past few years, face shaving seems to be all the rave with your favorite makeup artists saying they shave clients’ faces for a better makeup application.

But face shaving isn’t just for people who wear makeup. Face shaving is a good habit to add to your skincare routine for smoother and softer skin. For people with dark hair, when you remove the hair you get rid of the hair that leaves your skin looking uneven. It helps to remove dead skin cells and acts as a psychical exfoliate. Finally, it allows skincare products to absorb deeper into your skin for better results.

It can be intimidating to start shaving your face, but here are a few tips to make your shaving experience a little easier.

When you shave your face, skip using your regular razor and opt for an eyebrow razor, you can buy a pack of eyebrow razors for a few dollars at your local beauty store or on amazon. You should go in with a fresh, clean razor and use the same razor the most two times. When you use your razor make sure to use it exclusively on your face to avoid introducing new bacteria into your skin.

Before you shave your face you should have clean skin and use a mild face wash to remove any makeup or dirt on your skin. Your face should still be damp from washing it. It is important not to go straight ion with the razor because it can cause friction and irritation. You should put on an oil or cream to help avoid the friction.

When you are done shaving your face make sure to wash your face to remove the dead skin. Then put on your favorite moisturizer to help make your skin baby soft.

You should only shave your face every few weeks to avoid causing tears in the skin and removing too many layers of skin. It is an exfoliation method and should be treated as such, you should not shave your face more than once a week.

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