Beauty Binge: Start Using Retinol Oil Now and Not Later

Everyone seems to think that retinol oil is something that you shouldn’t be concerned about in your late teens and twenties. But retinol oil has a whole host of uses including people to fight acne, reduce pigmentation, reduce wrinkles and give an overall youthful appearance to the face. If you want an overall healthy-looking face and want to reduce aging then retinol oil is the way to go.

Retinol oil should not be confused with Retinoic Acid, products with Retin-A are usually prescribed by a dermatologist because of the chemical concentrate. Retinol is some gentle form and takes longer to see results, despite doing the same thing as  Retinol-A.

If Retinol oil isn’t the same as Retinoic acid- then how does it work?

Retinol oil is a derivative of vitamin A. It affects the gene expression which helps stimulate collagen production and cell turn over, the collagen then helps with skin smoothness and pigmentation. This is why it is a superhero for acne and signs of aging.

When using retinol oil, use at night because the sunlight breaks down the oil and causes the ingredients to be inactive. You only need a pea-size amount when you apply it on your skin. You should put a thick layer of moisturizer ontop to help avoid dryness. As I say always put on sunscreen in the morning despite the oil being sun safe, retinol oil has been shown to have effects of reducing the effects of UV damage from the sun.

When trying out retinol oil please be patient because it can take anywhere from six to twelve weeks of applying it daily to see an effect. However, if you notice irritation please stop using and see your dermatologist. Retinol oil should not be used by pregnant women or women trying to become pregnant.

So what are you waiting for? Retinol oil should be a proactive part of your beauty routine.