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Beauty Binge: The Secret to Long Lasting Press-On Nails

Beauty Binge is a beauty-obsessed column by HerCampus writer and editor Ariana, where we talk about everything beauty ranging from skincare, makeup, and haircare. Get ready for some amazing new beauty tips and products for the everyday girl, that you can use in your routine. 


With Coronavirus numbers rising despite lifting regulations, many people are hesitant to go to the salon- and for a good reason. Press on nails seems to have hit the scene with many popular influencers showing off their press-on nails to their followers and many people outwardly admitting that their nails aren’t acrylic and that they are press-on nails.


I have enjoyed press-on nails for years, but for years it always seemed to be an embarrassing subject. Press on nails was seen as something that didn’t look as nice and something that broke people did. But now, it is no longer taboo to admit. In the past year, I’ve noticed I’ve been getting more compliments on my nails and the fact I can do them myself. 


There are so many benefits to using press-on nails instead of hitting the salons. There are press-on nails at any price range from the KIss nails, all the way to custom boutique nails online. The press on nail options has quickly grown to have such a wide selection of good quilty. It can also save time, press on nails take less than a few minutes to apply compared to sitting ion a salon with toxic fumes for an hour. But one of the major concerns I see people have is how to make press on nails actually last. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks, your press-on nails can last for weeks. 

  1. Avoid water for a few hours: Many people only seem to think that they need to avoid water before doing your nails, but for the best results avoid water for a few hours before. It is best to have dry skin before doing your nails, so make sure to skip lotion and oils on the day you plan to do your nails. They’ll just make it harder for the adhesive to do its job. 

  2. Push back your cuticles and file your nails: Before you even do your nails make sure to push back your cuticles to help avoid infection. Then you’re going to need to file your nails to help create texture to help the glue gip to your nail. 

  3. Dry your nails: If you haven’t figured it out moisture is not good for press-on nails. After you file your nail either use a hard dehydrator or alcohol to help remove the excess moisture on the outside of your nail. 

  4. Use the right shape and amount of glue: One of the biggest mistakes people make is picking the wrong size for the nail. You need to choose the closet size to the nail and file it down to make it look more natural. It’s better to go a seize up then size down. When you are applying the glue apply it to the fake nail in a light even coat. If you use to much glue it will spill and make it longer to dry. 

  5. Avoid doing anything for a few hours: It is the best idea to do your press-on nails right before you go to bed. This allows your nail to dry and harden for a few hours. YOu should expect to not do anything for the next hour. Thought I’d avoid water and heavy lifting for at least three hours.

Ariana is the Editor In Chief for Her Campus Lasell. She is a senior at Lasell double majoring in Business Management and Marketing. When she's not editing for HC Lasell, she's binge-watching Netflix or buried in a good book.
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