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Beauty Binge: Revive Your Curls in a Matter of Minutes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

Every curly girl knows the struggle of having limp curls midweek or perhaps even brushed out frizzy waves. Most people’s first instinct is to go in the shower and wash and conditioner their hair. But washing your hair too much can strip your hair of healthy oils and sometimes we don’t even have the time. If you do choose to wash your hair midweek, I suggest using a cowash for hydration without stripping the hair follicles. However, if you need to run out the door in a matter of minutes steps will save your hair.

Step 1. Spray your hair with water and leave-in conditioner

You need a spray bottle fill it with room temperature water and add a little of your cream leave-in conditioner. Make sure to shake the bottle fully so that the conditioner is blended with the water, Spray your hair down until it is damp, you can spray more if your hair has lost the curl pattern.

Step 2. Skip brushing, only comb if critical

Do not brush your hair, it should only be brushed while wet to help retain the curl pattern. If you have any serious knots, use a comb to get the knots of your hair. Make sure you work from the bottom of the hair to the top to avoid severe shedding.

Step 3. Use your favorite curl cream

We all have a favorite curl cream, some of my favorites are Cantu Coconut Curl Cream and Shea Moisture Enhancing Smoothie. Add a little to your hand and smooth out until it isn’t clumpy. Work the product from your roots until the end of your hair in a raking motion.

Step 4. Finger curls crucial pieces and scrunch

After applying the curl cream, finger curl the pieces of hair that are limper or in crucial sections like the front of the face and the top layer. Twist the hair around your finger and you can use bigger sections to save time for bigger curls. Allow your hair to air dry to have the most results with the curl cream.

Ariana is the Editor In Chief for Her Campus Lasell. She is a senior at Lasell double majoring in Business Management and Marketing. When she's not editing for HC Lasell, she's binge-watching Netflix or buried in a good book.