Astrology is More Complicated Than You Think, Here's Why

Have you ever read the horoscope apps or posts, where you find out the destiny of the day by simply putting in your star sign? Yes, a star sign, as in the sign everyone says when they ask ‘what is your star sign?”. The average person who uses astrology doesn't understand how it works or how using just your star sign isn’t exactly accurate.

There are more aspects that play into astrology than the day you were born. To have a chart calculated you need to know the date, time and location you were born. Professional astrologers will handwrite your chart based on your information and explain the information, but if you’re broke and willing to learn you can have one online generated with your information. These astrologers need to know the precise placement of the planets at the time you were born and then cross-reference the information. You can’t get an accurate horoscope by just knowing the day you were born, without thinking about other planetary influences. The planetary elements are not constant and are always moving.

The average person will not have anything near the amount of knowledge as an astrologer. I am not afraid to admit that I only know the basics of reading charts, let alone handwriting a chart based on my knowledge of planetary movement. How is an average person supposed to know that astrology is super complicated and takes research, time and dedication? Astrology is in-depth and that what makes charts/predictions more accurate.

You have inner planets, outer planets, and houses, which make up 24 aspects of your chart. You can’t just depend on one. If you write off astrology because of the horoscope social media posts, magazine articles and outdated apps, I suggest you give it a 2nd try with your birth chart. This is the number one reason why horoscopes aren’t accurate.

There are online apps such as Horos (which is available on Apple and Android) that can calculate your chart and give you daily horoscopes based on your chart, instead of just one sign. These customized charts are more accurate and personalized to fit your chart. Say goodbye to generic horoscopes, that never seems to be accurate.