Alyssa Adams: Sports Newscaster

Alyssa Adams may seem like you’re typical loud-mouth Philadelphian, but she is one you will want to remember. A senior at Lasell, Adams is a sports communication major who plans to graduate this fall. 

Adams has had her sights set on working in the sports industry since she was a kid, and hopes to one day be an on TV sports reporter. “When I was a child I always stayed home and watched sports games. Then I started getting into the voices in the game. Harry Kalas and Steve Coates were two of my favorites as a young child.”

Adams mainly credits her father for her love of sports, saying, “It was always something we did together. I always looked forward to Sunday football and watching games with him all day.” That being said she knows she couldn’t be where she is today without all of her family and friends from home, including her two sisters, younger brother and two dogs; whom she tries to surprise by visiting at least once a semester. 

Adams has been dedicated to building her career as a sports reporter since coming to Lasell. After interning with Comcast Sports Network New England during the spring of 2016 and Comcast Sports Network Philadelphia during the summer of 2016, Adams is currently at Fox 25 where she is a published author. She was also a key member in Lasell’s Sports Broadcasting club, and side-line reports for the Lasell Men’s Basketball team doing pre-game and half-time interviews with the coach, and post-game interviews with players. 

Adams stays grounded through her career, saying, “I was such a die-hard fan, and in this industry you have to balance that.”