Alumni Adventures: Post Grad with Megan McCool

Miss our old staff? Us too. We thought there’s no better way to throw it back than by inviting some of our fav alumni writers back for one week only. Get ready to dive into the nostalgia!

Life now is just as busy and hectic as it was having classes, participating in clubs, and cheerleading practice. Never thought I’d say that! I was very busy, always doing something, and hardly sleeping as a college student. As I’m making an exit from my 20s, I am still living that lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Being a college student taught me how to prioritize my time, which was a great skill to take post-grad. It’s helped me be able to have a work-life balance. I hope that all the students learn this and take it with them after they graduate. It’s important to have fun while working hard. Even if that means life gets a little hectic.