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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

Miss our old staff? Us too. We thought there’s no better way to throw it back than by inviting some of our fav alumni writers back for one week only. Get ready to dive into the nostalgia!

Life after college seems very scary especially figuring out where to start. I personally had a hard time figuring out what kind of jobs to apply to and it did take me a while to find the job I was looking for. I learned that just applying to jobs even if you don’t think you have a shot at, is the best thing to do as you never know what you can stumble upon.

I was working in retail as Visual Merchandiser for J. Crew from after my graduation up until that last March 2019. Finally, I had found a job that I wanted in the corporate fashion industry. I am now working for Capelli New York in NYC, as a Product Development Assistant.

I think the most important thing when finding a career and just in life, in general, is to always be true to yourself; if you know you gave something 100%, then whatever is meant to be will happen.

I went back and forth between moving back home, or possibly moving to Boston with some roommates and finding a job there. It was hard at first going back home, especially since I knew I would have to commute eventually from where I live in the city.

After commuting and being at this job for almost a year, I have gotten used to commuting and I don’t even think about I anymore. I think at first change is hard, but as long as you keep trying eventually it will all get better.

For anyone that is in between jobs, graduating college soon, or just looking for a new start, my best advice is to just keep looking and applying. Even if you are comfortable in the job you’re at, there can always be something better out there, or a different opportunity you can grow from. Always having a positive attitude in everything you do is what can make or break your happiness. Always put your best foot forward and remember that the best is yet to come.

I am a junior Fashion Merchandising student from Stamford, CT. I have been writing for Her Campus since the beginning of spring semester, and am on the field hockey team, in the mini and Undergrad fashion shows,participate in Relay for Life yearly and Lasell's Senior Citizen's Prom,  and am a peer writing tutor in the AAC. At home I work at an ice rink and am a camp counselor for kids teaching hockey lessons, which is one of my favorite sports. I like working out, writing, listening to music, and going into Boston whenever I can. 
Madison Paloski is a senior at Lasell University studying fashion communication and promotion and graphic design.  She is currently the Editor in Chief of her school's chapter of Her Campus, an editorial stylist for POLISHED Magazine and Founder and Creative Director of the Fashion Styling and Photography Club on her campus.  She can most likely be found with an old film camera in hand, eating Chipotle, or at any local Saver's.  Her Instagram can be found at @maddiiiooyx and other work can be found at madisonpaloski.wixsite.com/portfolio.