Allie Whitcomb: Health Educator and Hopeful Soul

Allie Whitcomb is the definition of encouragement for the students of Lasell College. In her position of counselor and health educator within 18 Maple Terrace, she works with students every day to help ease the struggle of life and get them to wake up the next morning seeing the world a little brighter than it is today.

Whitcomb came to Lasell with a kaleidoscope background that helps her relate to students of many lifestyles and beliefs. Her bachelors of sociology and gender studies combined with her masters in mental health counseling is just the beginning of her journey of making a better world. She spent time working with an Americorps program in Miami and spent time in Washington, D.C. advocating for various activist movements.

While in her graduate program at Boston University, this Miami native became more aware of the struggles of the LGBQT+ community and those connected to adoption, leading her to be inquisitive about how to care for humans of all backgrounds.

She was brought to Lasell by fortuitous circumstance. Mere months before her graduation, Whitcomb came in contact with a prior Lasell Health Educator who informed her about the position and it’s possibilities.

Whitcomb’s career choice isn’t simply some job she fell into. It has been a culmination of hard work and dedication to help making the world a better place for all those who inhabit it. Her integrity helps fuel every student she works with, regardless of the capacity. Her clients, her peer health educators, her Vagina Monologues crew, we all look up to Allie, in hopes her goodness rubs off onto us.

Yet she has no idea how awesome she is. When asked about her favorite part of the job, Whitcomb replied, “I feel privileged to hear people’s stories, I’m often the only one people share these stories with.” This proves just how driven she is in helping those move through life a little easier.

Her last piece of advice, for those who happen to enjoy bouncing around from place to place: “[There were] common threads through those varying experiences, I did what I was passionate about and what I cared about. If you do that it will all come together.” This golden nugget of wisdom fits perfectly to calm the fears of soon-to-be graduates with dreams that hop every which way.  

Allie, we thank you for all you have done and all you continue to do for us everyday. You are truly someone who brings back the shine of life when times fall dark and dull. You have taught us to “bloom where we’re planted.” For that, we are continuously grateful.