Activities to Do if You've Lost Your Job During Quarantine

Now a lot of people have lost their jobs for the time being due to the current pandemic going on involving the coronavirus. If you’re anything like me and are constantly busy, then you’ve probably been going crazy without going to work and doing something. Well with being in quarantine, I’ve had nothing but time to figure out some new things to do instead. Some of the things were interests/hobbies I had grown out of time for or they are new. An old one is reading. I haven’t read for pleasure in a long time, not since maybe sophomore year of high school. However, I had a stack of books that I had bought during high-school but never got the chance to read. That is one way to take up some time. Another activity to take your time is a puzzle. My family has been working on one in the living room and I thought it would be boring, but since sitting down to help them I keep going back to it determined to finish it. Or another thing is my sister started baking, she’s literally ten. She wanted to learn to bake things on her own and has been seeking my mom's help to do so. Or if you’re always busy and constantly doing something such as myself, you rarely ever watch tv. People always have their “shows” they like to watch and now is the time to fulfill that guilty pleasure and binge watch any and all shows or movies. Another activity I have found to help is writing for Her Campus itself, so I would recommend journaling or just doing free writes here and there on your laptop to help keep that creative mindset going. Another thing to do if you have hours to fill is TikTok. Don’t do it if you don’t want to get addicted, but if you haven’t already, I’d definitely check it out and maybe make some of your own videos. Check out our page with content coming soon! Stay busy and don’t just sit around all day. Take care of yourself and be active still. Soon this will all be over and we can take these new hobbies into another new “normal” with us.