The 9 Best Podcasts: Comedy, Entertainment, Sports, Motivation, & More

Need a new podcast to listen to for your commute to work or school? Need some new entertainment to have to go on in the background, but tired of listening to the same music all the time? Well, you have come to the right place! This is a list of HC Lasell’s Top Podcasts to listen to right now, in no particular order.

1. Unsolicited Advice with Ashley and Taryne

Need a good laugh in your day? Join Youtuber/Comedians Ashley Nichole and Taryne Renee as they answer listeners’ questions on basically anything. Love, dating, jobs, and what to do in embarrassing situations. Their slogan is “ listening to the advice is required, but taking it is 100% optional.” It will for sure make you laugh.

2. Self Made CEO with Adrienne Finch

Need some mid-week inspiration from this girl boss Adrienne Finch? Finch is a YouTuber and digital entrepreneur that takes listeners on a journey to become the CEO of their own life, business, happiness, and success. She is often joined by other successful, hard-working entrepreneurs on her show as well. 

3. Gals on the Go

For more mid-week inspiration, listen to influencers and students Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio as they discuss productivity tips, traveling, school, professionalism, and life tips! They are very easy to listen to because they are around the same age and listeners feel like they are talking to their best friends. They also talk about weekly favorites, goals, and entertainment news. 

4. Office Ladies

Calling all Office Fans! I mean who isn’t a fan of the Office? Fans can now listen to Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey breakdown episode by episode of the TV series. They give listeners exclusive behind the scenes stories that only two people who were on the show would know. 

5. Jenna and Julien Podcast

This is personally one of the first podcasts I ever listen to and one of the funniest. Most people know who Jenna Marbles is. In this podcast her and her boyfriend Julien tell random and funny stories weekly that is sure to make listeners laugh. They often answer listener’s questions, play trivia games, and discuss pop culture. 

6. VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

Need even more of a laugh? Join Youtuber/ influencers David Dobrik and Jason Nash as they take listeners behind the scenes of their videos and everyday life. They tell listeners what “YouTuber life” is really like, their funny thoughts, and discuss pop culture. If you find David’s infamous four-minute vlogs funny, you are sure to find their podcast funny. 

7. Title Chasers

Are sports podcasts your thing and want a laugh or two? Join best friends/ sports fanatics, Will and Zack as they discuss the week’s hottest sports stories with a little flair, passion, and unique perspectives. Sometimes they throw in a friendly bet with each other and make predictions on upcoming seasons. Currently, they have one season out and are in the works for another season. “It is a sports podcast for the fans, by the fans.” 

8. Last Seen

A joint production from WBUR and the Boston Globe present “Last Seen.” They discuss the most valuable and mysterious art heist in history, thirteen artworks stolen from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Twenty-eight years later and still not a single piece of artwork in a haul of half a billion dollars has been found. The art and the thieves still remain unknown. Last seen includes never heard before interviews, over a year of investigating reporting, and unprecedented access. 

9. I Love You So Much with Kenzie Elizabeth

In this podcast, lifestyle vlogger Kenzie Elizabeth has interviews with influencers, artists, authors, experts, bloggers, and thought leaders. They often discuss self-branding, relationships, productivity, mental health, and overall how to live the best life possible. It is another great motivational podcast.

Whether podcasts are something new for you, or you have been in the game awhile I hope these gave you some ideas for your next podcasts to listen too.