8 Websites Every College Student Needs in Their Lives

It can sometimes be hard to juggle everything in life as a college student. Studying, jobs, staying organized, financials, so here are some helpful websites to help you survive college! 

1. Quizlet 

    With midterms coming up, Quizlet can be very helpful. My favorite part of Quizlet is that you can make flashcards. I know not everyone likes flashcards, however they are still helpful to me. You can make other study guides and it is easy to share with friends or a study group. 

2. Grammarly

    This website checks not just spelling and grammar, but also tells you about run on sentences, repeated words, any many other things. It is great if you do not have time for a tutor to look over it. 

3. Pocket

With Pocket, us college students can save articles you come across for later reading. If you’re writing a paper about history for instance, it even lets you save the articles into a folder under the same name for easy reference later.

4. Rate My Professors

Want to know which professors to avoid and which professors’ classes to take? Using this website, you can find real-life reviews from real college students about their experiences with professors.

5. Glassdoor

This website lets you know what it takes to gain an internship or a permanent job position with a certain company after graduation. Actual employees have left reviews about specific firms and have spilled the tea about specific jobs.

6. Mint 

During college, it is important to know where you’re spending your cash. This website helps you do that for free and get very financially organized. .

7. College Ruled

Students can use this website to make class schedules online and find their classmates in order to launch study groups and get the answers to pressing questions.

8. Post Your Book

Using this website, you can make back some cash you shelled out for expensive textbooks by selling them to other students, who can save money by getting discounted books. It is a win-win for everyone. 

These websites have helped me survive college so far, so hopefully these websites are helpful whether you are a Freshman or a Senior.