6 Weird Things Your Body Does In The Winter



1.       Chapped Lips:

We all hate this one. The dry and cold air dries out our lips, making them crack and sometimes, bleed. As a result it’s easy to both feel and look a lot less cute. Luckily, by breaking out the extra strength chapstick and drinking gallons of hot beverages we can remedy this one.

2.       Hair Static:

Because of the change in humidity, and big fuzzy sweaters, our hair tends to stand up straight instead of staying how we want it. If you were going for the Albert Einstein look then this is ideal for you, but unfortunately that’s not a very popular hairstyle. It might sound weird but try running a dryer sheet over the static and your hair looks good as new!

3.       Cracked Skin and Hands:

It’s time to break out the hand cream! Winter attacks our hands, elbows, faces, and pretty much every inch of skin we have. It’s no fun when you can’t even stretch your fingers for fear of breaking your skin. I recommend Aveeno, EOS, or philosophy lotion.

4.       Runny Nose:

It is prime time for cold season, and a drippy nose is to be expected. It can be irritating and at times embarrassing to have to blow your nose every five minutes. Don’t forget to carry around tissues and maybe some Dayquil if necessary.

5.       Cold Feet:

This one is kind of obvious, but if your feet are cold, everything is cold. When all you can focus on is your freezing toes, it makes life kind of difficult. Be sure to have wool socks and insulated shoes ready this winter.

6.       Frozen Hair:

This one is even worse than hair static. Those days when you don’t have time to dry your hair before stepping out of the house are a pain but in the winter they’re just plain devastating. One minute your hair is dripping, and the next your hair is made of icicles. It’s not a good look on anyone, and by the time your hair has thawed, it’s still damp. UGH. Unfortunately, a hairdryer is the only real fix for this one.