5 Reasons Why Zac Efron Needs To Star In More Musicals

I’ve loved Zac Efron since I was 10 years old. The first time I saw High School Musical, I was hooked. I owned a Troy purse, had a Troy necklace, and was always ready to talk about him to others.

Zac hasn’t been in a musical since High School Musical 3, choosing to act in other movies (which were always okay). This past December, though, Zac played a lead role in The Greatest Showman. I haven’t actually seen the movie yet, but the soundtrack is amazing, especially when he sings with Zendaya in “Rewrite the Stars.”

Now that he’s been in another musical, I think it’s time for him to star in more musicals. Here are my five reasons for it.


  1. His singing is beautiful.

I understand that he didn’t sing in the first High School Musical, but he sings now and he is AMAZING. I highly recommend listening to “Rewrite the Stars” because I honestly want to cry every time I hear him sing.


  1. He can dance!

Again, please don’t think of his dancing in “Bet On It.” Zac’s dancing isn’t perfect, but the fact that he can stay on count is enough to make me love him, and don’t we always wish for a boy who knows how to dance?


  1. The “frat boy” role is getting old

Most of the roles Zac plays in movies are the “frat boy” type (think Neighbors, That Awkward Moment, and Baywatch). Ugh, come on. Zac was meant for so much more than playing a character who nobody would want to date in real life. Leave those roles for the new dude-bros.


  1. He should use his talents more often

Seriously, he can sing and dance and act! And he’s still young! If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Speaking of which…


  1. He has a fantastic body

What can I say? Who wouldn’t want to look at that while he’s singing and dancing on the big screen? You’re perfect for musicals, Zac. Get your head in the game!