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5 James Patterson’s Beach Reads That Will Have You Missing Summer

Who does not love a good beach read? It does not have to be summer to read one. Here are the best James Patterson’s beach read to binge read!    

Sam’s Letters to Jennifer

A very classic quick beach read that is a must-read if you have not read it before! Warning a little bit of a tear-jerker and makes you reflect on life, but a super cute love story. 

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas

This story is also a tear-jerker at the end. The book makes you realize how short life can be. It has a very surprising ending as well. I got through this book very fast because it was that good. 

First Love

If you want a classic love story, with no thrillers, this is the one I recommend. A teenage girl has a crush on her best friend, the one she tells everything too and you will have to read it to find out what happens! 


This is a great mix of a classic James Patterson thriller and a love story. I definitely could not put the book down and kept wondering what happens next. There are so many questions that are not answered until the very end or are not answered until the sequel. There are a few plot twists that keep the reader on their toes and definitely not a predictable book. 

Honeymoon 2

The sequel is just as good, which is great because not all sequels are. It is even more of a thriller and a page-turner. 

    Now, in this upcoming cold weather, you can pretend you are at the beach with these books! 

Emalee is a Senior at Lasell University and the President of Her Campus Lasell. She is currently a Campus Community Management Intern for Her Campus! She is a Fashion Merchandising and Management major and a Communications minor. Besides Her Campus, she is the President of Newman Society, loves taking photos, going for hikes, and going to the beach.
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