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The 5 Best Take-Out Places in Newton

If you are a part of this college community of Newton or a surrounding area, you might find yourself often trying to find the best places to order take-out. Never fear: here is a list of some of the top hits in the area.


  1. Tango Mango- Tango Mango is a very proud authentic Mexican restaurant in Newton Centre serving burritos, quesadillas, and amazing warm homemade chips. As an added bonus, college students receive a free fountain drink. Visit their website here.


   2.   Dragon Chef- This a proud favorite of all college students with its many features going beyond their amazing food. These perks include being open late at night and having quick delivery to college campuses. You can find their menu here.


3.   Aji Sushi Bar- This restaurant is a favorite among many in the Newton area because it offers something not a lot of restaurants do: sushi that is delivered to your door. Normally when you think fresh, you rarely think to put delivery in that same sentence, but this place does just that, which is what makes it so great. Here is their website.


     4.   NY Pie – Another crowd favorite on the board, NY Pie offers everything you could possibly want to take care of your Italian cravings. This includes subs, wraps, pasta, pizza, salads, and a ton of other extras that make this place so great. Place your order here.


     5.   Mango Thai- This is a newer place on the food delivery scene in Newton, offering another cuisine that we rarely see on the take out menu: Thai. With tons of adventurous dishes, this place is definitely changing the take-out game.  Check it out here

Elizabeth is a Senior at Lasell College, she is a writer and President for the Lasell Her Campus chapter.
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