4 Ways to Stay Green During Quarantine

Staying in your home can make it hard for people to go out and do a lot to help the Earth for Earth Day this year. However, that does not mean that we cannot celebrate Earth Day. Here are some ways that we can still make an impact on our Earth this year. 

1. Keep updated and learn new sustainability skills 

There are many different shows, podcasts, articles, books, and more all about the earth and all of the different ways that you can stay sustainable and eco-friendly. By keeping up with these things and doing research, you can better prepare yourself to dig right into saving the planet when quarantine is over. 


As we stay inside for months at a time, it is expected that we are going to be going through many groceries, boxes, cans, etc. Put recycling bins in your kitchen and make sure to use them when you have a box or can to get rid of when you are done with it. This can also teach you further about what belongs in which bin, which allows you to become more aware and eco-friendly. 

3. Grow Vegetables 

Being at home can allow you to focus on your own gardens at home. You can take this time to grow vegetables in your garden, which can also decrease the number of times you have to go to the grocery store. 

4. Complete a new DIY project 

Many YouTube DIY videos have projects you can do with items right from your home. This allows you to stay sustainable because you are recycling your old items and using them to create something new and exciting!

These are just a few of the fun and exciting ways you can stay sustainable during the quarantine. By doing some of these things, you can take your mind off the situation going on around us for a little while as well as help the Earth!