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4 Times Ellen Made Us Cry

Everyone loves Ellen. Her kind heart makes us bawl every single day. Here are the top four times Ellen has made us cry.

Dianna Beasley– After the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Ellen found Dianna Beasley. She loved Beasley for her positive attitude after losing everything. She brought her to the show in 2006 and surprised her with a brand new car. Beasley reappeared on the show in 2011, to retell her inspiring story and show her progress. She thanked Ellen for everything that she did for her and said that without her, the world wouldn’t be the same.

In 2015, Beasley appeared one final time on the show so Ellen could help her and her granddaughter achieve their dream. Ellen teamed up with Shutterfly to get them a food truck with their premade symbol on it. Beasley was eternally grateful to her.

Sonya Romero– Sonya Romero is a teacher at a local school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The school is for kids that don’t have a lot at home. She takes the first hour of school every day to help her students get ready. With a son already at home, Romero fostered two students who needed somewhere to stay for 48 hours while waiting for Social Services. She was so fond of the children that she adopted them.

 Ellen invited her on the show to tell her story of her children/students. Ellen then showed her a video that her school made featuring her students and coworkers. Target and Ellen then teamed up to give Romero $10,000 for her and her family, and another $10,000 to support the school.

Tony Marrero– Tony Marrero is a survivor of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando. On the show, Ellen plays a video of Marrero explaining his story of the event. His straight friend wanted him to go so he wouldn’t be alone and when they were ready to leave, they heard the gunshots. They both hit the ground, and that was the last time he saw his friend. Marrero was shot in the back four times and once in the arm, but thankfully survived.

 Ellen found him when she received a picture of him with a sign that said “I’m still swimming, Ellen.” She brought him on the show to tell his story, and although she didn’t give him much, all he wanted was to meet her and give her a hug. 

Marvin Pearson– Pearson is a high school football player who has been blind and deaf since he was 9. He first started to notice his sight was going away because he couldn’t read the words in the dictionary, and didn’t realize he was deaf until he received hearing aids and was finally able to hear. As years went by, he completely lost his hearing, but doctors were able to give him a hearing device.

Even with his disabilities, Pearson found a way to defeat the odds and become a starting football player, one of the best on his team. Ellen was so inspired by his story that she brought him on the show, and gave him tickets to his favorite team’s game where he will also meet his favorite player.

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