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As a lot of people are obsessed with Tiktok right now, I am equally obsessed. I see a lot of video reviews of items other users have bought. Thus, they have convinced me to buy some of these items.

The first one being off Amazon. Their small hexagon-shaped mirrors that have a sticky backside so you can stick them to different surfaces such as a bedroom wall and can put as many together as you want and have it add some decor to your room without taking up floor space.

Another item I tried also for Amazon was a foot mask to help get rid of dead skin and dryness. I have never tried one before and it felt super weird at first. You put them on like little booties and you can walk around with them on. They definitely work though as the next few days after the treatment you can start to see the difference.

A third item I’ve bought because of TikTok is dry shampoo by the brand Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe. I personally love coconut scents and this smells of coconuts and is amazing. I’ve also never had dry shampoo work on my hair, except for this specific kind. It works amazing and I pretty much use it every other day so I can keep my hair straightened a second day and not have it feel or look greasy. I highly recommend trying this if you’ve never had a dry shampoo work well before or if you love coconut scented. It’s also easy to find and cheap if you don’t want to break the bank on beauty products!

Kaylee Bickford is a Junior at Lasell University studying psychology. She is also a member of Class Committee as the Junior Class Treasurer and CAB. A few fun facts about her are; she absolutely loves sloths, obsessed with her birthday, and Christmas is her favorite holiday. Her instagram can be found at @kaylee_bickford.
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