2018- The Year of the Sad Boi

    2018 will go down in the books as one of the most outspoken years in history. Now more than ever, people are turning their backs on the traditional and challenging gender and societal norms. While there are many sociopolitical factors that play into these shifting tides, there is one group we have to thank for popularizing this movement- the Sad Boi.

    What is a Sad Boi? If you search the internet you’ll find definitions ranging from The O.C.’s Death Cab for Cutie listening, argyle sweater wearing Seth Cohen to Arizona Tea drinking, bucket hat wearing Yung Lean. To sum it up a Sad Boi can be defined as an emotionally involved person (of any gender), who embraces their many feelings, breaks gender/ societal norms in the way the dress (black nail polish and eyeshadow on boys, oversized sweaters/ flannels on girls) and consumes music, movies and tv that reflect their feels.

Thanks to celebrities like Cole Sprouse, Timothée Chalamet, and even Billie Eilish, the Sad Boi movement was everywhere in 2018, from Harry Styles’ floral Gucci suits to Drake being #InHisFeelings. Instead of trying to fit in, they have made a point to stand out. It’s their party and they WILL cry if they want to (they definitely want to).

Don’t get it misconstrued either, despite being called Sad Bois, this movement is great for society! Toxic masculinity is suffocating men, leading them to hurt themselves and the people around them, while women are lead to believe that their emotions make them “crazy” or “too much to handle.” When young people see the celebrities they look up to sing about their feelings or dress outside of the gender binary, they realize it’s an okay thing to do, thus leading to less swallowed emotion and eventually to a happier, healthier and NGAF society.