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The 13 Emotional Stages of Voting for the First Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lasell chapter.

Just like the 13 Original Colonies this great nation was founded on, there are 13 emotional stages that you go through when you vote in your first presidential election.

1.  The anticipation of fulfilling your civic duty.

2. Getting into the booth and second guessing every decision you’ve ever made.

3. Trying to figure out if this is what you really want.

4. Panicking because you’re not sure you filled out the ballot correctly.

5. Handing in your ballot.

6. Walking out as happy as you were the first time you ate a burrito.

7. Feeling like a grown ass adult who makes their own decisions.

8. Walking around places you wouldn’t usually go so you can show off your “I voted” sticker.

9. Feeling like you’ve done right by our home girl Susan B. Anthony.

10. Waiting to see if who you voted for ends up as the next president.

11. Googling “what is the electoral college” for the billionth time.

12. When people who didn’t vote complain about the outcome of the election.

13. Feeling proud to be a part of a democracy that gives you the right to vote.

Corinne is an associate on the integrated marketing team at Her Campus. She graduated with a degree in Fashion Communication & Promotions major from Lasell College in August 2018. Before joining the team full time she served as staff writer, social media manager, president and co-campus correspondent of her chapter over her three years at Lasell. Corinne is passionate about sustainable fashion and fashion show production, and served as College Fashion Week Intern for two years. In her free time she enjoys exploring new museums, going to concerts and traveling to new cities.