12 Signs You Grew Up in the Suburbs

1.      Your house probably looks the same as a dozen others, probably all on the same street.

2.      Construction is a constant struggle. Whether the road is being paved or another house being built, you cannot avoid it.

3.      Buying Girl Scout cookies from you friends was the highlight of your year. Because the more Thin Mints you could buy the better.

4.      “Hanging out” consists of figuring out where to eat or what movie to see, because there’s actually nothing else to do.

5.      Explaining where you live is telling someone which city is right by you. “No, I don’t go as often as you’d think”.

6.      You knew everyone, including their entire backstories and random facts about them you shouldn’t.

7.      You couldn’t get away with anything. You’re parents knew everyone too, and that did not help.

8.      Starbucks is the place to be. Because where else are we going to sit and talk?

9.    Three words: Friday night football. The town’s school spirit is what made the fall so exciting.

10.  You spent your 16th birthday waiting for hours at the DMV, and probably failing your permit test for the first time.

11.  Jeeps and Land Rovers are far too common, and there are more colors than you’d ever believe.

12.  No matter how far away you try to get, it’s the only place that will feel like home.


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