10 Study Tips for Finals

    With finals coming up, I know we are all super stressed about making sure we study enough! Especially last year when it was my first time studying for finals I was super stressed because I didn't really have them in high school. Here are my ten studying tips to get through finals.

  1. Hand-write flashcards or make a Quizlet. They both help a lot with memorizing everything.

  2. Highlighting can be helpful when you have many pages of notes and you want to just focus on the important things.

  3. If your professor uploads the PowerPoints online, download them so you can study them and highlight what is important.

  4. Ask a friend who has maybe had the class before, what is the best way you can prepare for the final.

  5. Take breaks while studying. Say for every hour you spend studying, take a ten minute break to have a snack or watch a funny video. It gives your mind a break, so you don’t get worn out as fast and it distresses you.

  6. Listen to instrumental music while studying. I am someone who always needs background noise. Words with songs, or TV can be distracting, so I have found instrumental music really helps me to focus.

  7. Another way to help stay focused, is to drink tea or coffee. This is also something great to make during a little break.

  8. Studies have shown, if you chew the same gum while studying and while taking the test it helps you remember more and focus more.

  9. To prevent yourself from procrastinating, put your phone on the other side of the room and on do not disturb, so you do not get distracted!

  10. Do not wait till the night before to study. If you study too much at one time, it will be harder to remember all that information in one night. I would try to spread it out over a few days.

     Hope these tips help! Good luck to everyone on their finals! :)