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The World’s Biggest Primark

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lancaster chapter.

When the opening of the world largest Primark ended up coinciding with my trip to Birmingham to see Nina Nesbitt, it seemed like the perfect excuse to visit. I had already seen several videos of the store, including the Disney cafe and hair salon. I knew it would be busy considering it was only the second week of opening and also school holidays, but nothing would have prepared me for the rush that ensued when entering the store.

Image from The National AE

I think it was too busy to fully appreciate what the new store has to offer, as it was difficult to browse when there was people rushing around in different directions. What I liked the layout of the store and particularly appreciated the vast homeware section, as its offerings are typically quite limited in other stores.

The Disney cafe was a lot smaller than I expected, but was definitely popular considering the queue to visit was circulating halfway around the floor!Image from Forbes 

Each floor has its own restaurant, where the menu boasts several options including pitta pizzas and salad bowls, all for reasonable Primark prices. I look forward to returning to the world’s largest primark, next time out of school holidays and a while after opening!

Image from Express & Star 

Helen Jordan

Lancaster '19

Helen is a third year English Language student and will graduate in 2019. Her favourite topics to write about include cooking and tips for uni life. This is Helen's second year writing for Her Campus and she is looking forward to her role as Chapter Correspondent for Lancaster in the 2018/2019 academic year.