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Why You Should Watch Instant Hotel

Recently, amongst the impending stress of my dissertation deadline, I have been trying to watch programmes that allow me to unwind. Much as I love watching hardcore documentaries and crime drama, sometimes I just need to watch something that will keep me entertained without forcing me to hide behind a cushion.

I discovered Instant Hotel when it was added to my recommended section on Netflix. 

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The main premise of the show involves following homeowners who have turned their homes into a successful hotel. In each round, there are five couples, where each pair host the rest of the guests at their property. 

The guests rate the instant hotel on based upon their location and local attractions, the house itself, sleep quality and value for money.  

The guests are also scored by the host, which is a typical feature of the industry now, in order to discourage messy occupants. However, this allows the couples to be strategic, as they can lowly rate their guests' cleanliness in order to lower the score of their competition, as the total is accumulated. 

Aside from the guest rating, an industry expert, Juliet Ashworth, assigns each instant hotel with a score and provides the homeowners with knowledgeable feedback. 

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The prize for the winning homeowners is to stay in one of the world's most exclusive instant hotels, rumoured to be owned by a renowned celebrity, although it remains to be seen as to who this is. 

I enjoy watching this series as it is insightful to compare the ways in which others live and their decorative tastes, some of which, in my opinion, are extremely questionable!

If like me, you are looking to watch a programme that isn't sad or overly dramatic, Instant Hotel might be the next addition to your watch list. 

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Helen Jordan

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