Why I Want Australia To Win Eurovision

Initially a one-off, Australia joined Eurovision in 2015 to commemorate the contest’s 60th anniversary. Since, they have become a regular entry in the competition. The main reason this has been allowed is due to the technicality of their host TV broadcaster, SBS, actually being part of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which is responsible for producing the Eurovision Song Contest.

However, despite there still being lingering confusion regarding Australia’s participation in Eurovision, as they are not part of Europe, there are many reasons why I support the country’s involvement, and why I would like to see them win.

Australia is a long-time fan of Eurovision

Australia has long been interested and involved with the Eurovision Song Contest, broadcasting it live on national television annually since 1983. Their strong ties with the European Union, and the UK, have contributed considerably to the contest’s popularity amongst the audience, with significant viewership/ratings, despite it being aired live at 2am over there.

Due to the Aussies’ passion and enthusiasm over the years, they have been assigned their own commentary booth at the contest since 2012, and have been involved with the contest in multiple ways, before finally being permitted to enter themselves in 2015. This includes numerous Australian artists/producers representing and writing songs for other countries (Olivia Newton-John for the UK in 1974, Gina G in 1996), as well as their involvement in interval acts through specially produced videos (2013) and performances (2014).

Their entries are “bloody ripper” (Australian slang for “really awesome”)

Since their debut, Australia has had some really great entries!

Their first entry, Guy Sebastian’s upbeat “Tonight Again” (2015), placed fifth, with the country placing even higher the following year at second, courtesy of Dami Im’s stunning “Sound of Silence” (2016). The country has continued with their success, featuring in the Top 10 once more last year, with Isaiah’s “Don’t Come Easy” (2017).  

Once again, this year, Australia has produced an amazing entry, Jessica Mauboy’s “We Got Love” (2018), which the bookies (and I) have both tipped to do well!

With quality songs like these, how can you not love and support Australia’s involvement, and hope for them to get a well-deserved win?

A win for Australia could mean a win for the United Kingdom

On a totally selfish note, an Australian win could mean greater involvement and hosting privileges for the UK. With Australia not being situated within the European area itself, the contest (conventionally hosted by the winner the following year) being physically hosted in Australia may be a problem. Therefore, Australia would most likely have to co-host the competition in partnership with a European country/city should they win.

Given the UK’s closeness with Australia, the probability that Eurovision would be coming to London is particularly high! And let’s face it, considering the United Kingdom has next to no chance of winning Eurovision any time soon, this might just be our best shot at hosting the contest in the coming years.

With another great entry this year, I’ll certainly be cheering Australia on this Saturday!