Ways White People Can Fight Against Racism

The current climate of the world is not something to ignore. Acknowledging and fighting against the systems that oppress black people and ethnic minorities is a responsibility that everyone has and is critical to the active promotion of anti-racism. If you've recognized your privilege but are wondering how you can help, here are some things that you can do:

  1. 1. Read up on anti-racism literature

    open books on a table

    There are numerous writings and novels that everyone can read to learn about the role of white people in white supremacy, historical colonialism and modern inequality issues:

    Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad 

    Why I’m No Longer Talking to my White Friends About Racism by Reni Eddo Lodge 

    How To be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi 

    Kendi also has a list of further anti-racist works that you can read

  2. 2. Listen to black people and people of colour (POC) in your life

    There are probably people in your life that have experienced the first-hand inequality and violence that white privilege causes. By listening to them and acknowledging their experiences for what they are - rather than arguing against them or denying them - we give these individuals in our lives an ally.

    Listen to them and understand what you can do to help. 

  3. 3. Sign petitions and donate

    George Floyd memorial mural

    When injustices happen, there are always going to be things you can do. Even if you cannot join protests, there are petitions to sign and donations that can be made. Doing these things are simple, easy, and take very little time. But as part of the bigger picture, they can do a lot in the fight for justice

  4. 4. Do not speak over the voices of POC

    During volatile times like these, remember that this is not about drawing attention to us as white people. It is about raising awareness and demanding justice for the black people and all POC that have been killed at the hands of the judicial system. It is about the racial injustices on a systematic level that we do not experience. Uplifting and listening to the voices of the people that do experience them is always a priority.

    There is no saviour reward for fighting for justice. There is no room for us to speak over the voices of those that this affects. Stand behind them in support, not infront. 

  5. 5. Remember that this is not temporary

    sign saying fight today for a better tomorrow

    It may seem like race inequality has only just become an obvious and prevalent issue. The harsh reality is that movements like the Black Lives Matter movement have been integral to the fight against the systems that oppress for decades. And it's not just only an American issue - try reading up on the history of racial inequality in your home country.

    There is never any use in silence.

The fight continues. It will always continue.