The Very Best Hot Chocolates You Can Make at Home

I love hot chocolate. No, I really love hot chocolate. Because of this, I decided to try and find the best hot chocolate brands, so that you can make a café worthy cup at home. So, here are some of the very best hot chocolate mixes you can get (with a few hot chocolate making tips thrown in!)

In no particular order…

  1. 1. Ringtons

    Easy to make and a fantastic taste, Ringtons Hot Chocolate mixes are both satisfying and comforting, just what you want from a cup of hot chocolate! They come in individual packets so you don’t need to measure anything out, just boil a kettle and mix in a packet. If you want to make it a bit creamier, pour in an inch of warm milk.

  2. 2. Whittard

    When you drink a Whittard’s hot chocolate, you are indulging yourself in a moment of luxury. The effort of making a cup of this hot chocolate is a bit more than other brands, but the end result is always worth it. They provide a vast selection of flavours, from chocolate orange to rocky road. The choice is seemingly endless. Top tip: always use an extra spoonful or so of the mix than it says on the packaging.

  3. 3. Twinings

    Reliable and a familiar taste, Twinings Swiss Hot Chocolate gives you everything you could expect from a hot chocolate. If you want to add a bit of luxury to a cup of this hot chocolate, add a swirl of squirty cream and some mini marshmallows. You could also grate a corner of chocolate or sprinkle some cocoa powder to give it an extra kick of chocolatey goodness.

  4. 4. Cadbury

    A classic. Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate has had a home on many a cupboard shelf for years, and out of everything on this list, it’s the most affordable and widely available. You can get this hot chocolate pretty much in every supermarket, from individual packets to kilogram tubs (you can even buy an entire 5kg pail of the mix, if you’re so inclined). A guaranteed moment of comfort with every cup.

I hope this list inspires you to branch out and try different brands of hot chocolate, you’d be surprised at how different they all are. One thing’s for sure, those that are on this list taste amazing!