Taylor Swift Blesses Us With Her Wisdom

Ahead of Taylor Swift’s 30th birthday, she shared with Elle magazine 30 life lessons she has learnt.

Swift has recently shied away from talking to the press or doing any kind of major publicity following all the unjust media scrutiny she has had over the years, so it was refreshing to read something that had come straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

And honesty was definitely the policy in sharing these life lessons. From discussing her love of cooking Jamie Oliver’s chicken fajitas, to her Mum’s cancer diagnosis and learning how to stop punishing herself, Swift doesn’t hold back.

I think it’s important for celebrities to use their platforms to reassure their fans that it is okay to be learning more as you age- nobody has it figured all out.

From her very public spat with Kim Kardashian over ‘that’ phone call, to the media slating her for having a romantic life as a young woman, it’s nice to see a magazine giving her some good publicity for a change.

A tweet I saw about the article also resonated with me:

TS7 we are waiting for you!