Starting Your SLR Love Affair

A lot of people think that photography is easy, that anyone with half a brain can press down the shutter release and call themselves a photographer. And if they pop their camera on auto then yes, maybe they can. But these images are not going to be MOMA-worthy (Museum of Modern Art, for those out of the loop). It may come as a surprise, but not just anyone can take photographs the way they intend to. There is nothing more frustrating than having that perfect image in your head and not being able to execute it. So, here are a few little tips and tricks to help you improve your photography skills, and get the pictures you’re after!


A big thing to consider when thinking about what you want your photographs to look like is composition. The best way to think about it is according to the rule of thirds. In other words, split your image into nine equal boxes (most cameras will actually do this for you when you look through the view finder) and place the most important subject matter on the points where the sections meet. For example, when taking a full body portrait, rather than placing the person right in the centre of the photograph, try placing them a third of the way across the image. Likewise, if you are taking a photograph of a horizon, for example, try placing the horizon either one or two thirds up the image, instead of half way up. The points of intersection between the thirds are the natural places for the eyes to go, and so most of the time will create a much more appealing photograph!