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We all love a good clean. Whether that be a clean, tidy or organise, we can’t shy away from the fact it does bring us joy.

Have you watched Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up yet on Netflix? While maybe a little cheesy, there’s some really useful tips within the series that you can apply to your daily life. If you don’t mind a bit of cheese, I would definitely give it a go and see what you can pick up from Kondo.

It’s important to make time to declutter, and assess what items you own. Kondo talks of “Spark Joy” i.e. only keep things that spark joy. In many ways, this makes you think more deeply about your attachment to particular items, as well as the necessity of every single day-to-day item you use. Basically, if your socks don’t bring you joy, get rid of them. Socks are necessary, so go buy a new pair that bring you joy when you put them on!

Aside from Kondos’s show, we all know how good decluttering feels. Papers are always the worst; having to leaf through documents and scraps of A4 that you had forgotten about but you’re scared to get rid of, just in case it could be important one day. We have all been there, don’t feel singled out! It is better to just get on with it, so perhaps set a little time aside every week just to clear out the clutter that has built up during the past seven days.

Keep on top of things like making your bed every day, and putting away your clothes when you’ve taken them off to ease off that ew-I-really-don’t-want-to-clean feeling. Your room will look tidier already if your bed is made, plus it will look more inviting when you come home after a long day. Also, wash your bed sheets or at least your bottom sheet every one to two weeks. With fresh bedding, you will feel more relaxed and it will also change up how you view your room if you rotate different patterned bedding.

Your desk space is important too. It’s much easy to get down to some work or study if you’re not surrounded with not-put-away stationery and overwhelmed under a heap of paper. If you have a desk with drawers, make use of them. If not, put your notebooks in a pile and pick out the one needed from it. Even if you’re working on your laptop or computer, try not to surround yourself with clutter that is not related to the particular subject you’re working on.

Tidy space, tidy mind.


Anna Mather

Lancaster '19

Anna is a final year student of French & Linguistics at Lancaster University and will graduate in 2019. She is one of Lancaster's Chapter Correspondents. Her favourite topics to write about are fashion, style and interior design ideas. She loves to share photos on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ku_layrosas/ She also runs Kulayrosas, her own fashion, faith and lifestyle blog: https://kulayrosas.com/
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