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Spotted!: At Campus Festival

Not only was the Lancaster Campus Fest a showcase of tremendous talent at our university, it was also a showcase for the fashion-forward folk in the crowd!What I particularly noticed was the sprinkling of stunning coats amongst the spectators. Here are a few of my favourites…Jingyun’s gorgeous tartan number is a winner for me (will this trend ever get old?). It looks effortlessly cool styled with these cute black brogues. Perfect as a festival-esque outfit. Comfy and chic. I love the length of the coat, with the big pockets and oversized collar; I could talk about this look all day, it looks as though she’s just stepped off the runway…

Laura looks gorgeous in these casual tartan (again – wahoo) leggings, teamed with the warmest coat I’ve ever seen. The black fur adds instant sophistication and gives the whole outfit a kind of vintage feel. Absolutely love this look.

What I love about Gabriella’s look is that it incorporates so many of this season’s trends, which shouldn’t work, but it does… She has teamed leather trousers with this beautiful leather-panelled coat; top style points for bravery and the ability to pull the look off so well. Her suede chelsea boots introduce another texture, which gives the outfit a pretty yet grungey feel. And I think the top speaks for itself. She looks amazing.
I couldn’t help but notice during my day in the ‘campus-catwalk-fest’ that the boys looked great too! Andy’s outfit particularly caught my eye. He wears the most gorgeous tweed blazer (which I would LOVE to borrow sometime, Andy) with a patterned jumper and white shirt. It works so well at smartening up a simple outfit. Cool, classy and coordinated.
Finally… This coat! This coat! This coat! I’m kicking myself for not asking where it’s from. It is perfect in so many ways I cannot even begin to explain! It’s vintage, it’s cool, it’s warm, it’s quirky, it’s everything you could want in a coat and more. I never thought I could be so excited about a staple item of clothing. Laura teams it with black skinnies and brown chelsea boots, achieving a laid-back, just-thrown-it-on kind of look, which ticks all the boxes for the perfect festival outfit.
Can’t wait to see what fashion the warmer weather brings, I am so looking forward to seeing what shoes you are all going to wearing – this season is BIG on exciting shoes, from jelly shoes (yes, those ones you used to wear in the paddling pool as a toddler), to chunky white so-called ‘ugly sandals’! I’m sure you won’t let me down Lancaster!See you (and your feet) in a fortnight x

First year student studying English Language and Linguistics.Absolute bargain hunter, customiser and shorts-collector.
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