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If you’re an avid follower of all things social media, then you’ll know how it feels to be incessantly bombarded with pictures of the latest fashion items and beauty gimmicks… But, who knew that 2015 would welcome short hair, since our favourite celebrities are the ones with the luscious locks we all lust after. Let’s take a look at the few celebs who have braved the scissors and embraced the “short hair; don’t care” vibe.

Taylor Swift

We can all remember the Teardrops On My Guitar years, where T-Swizz had those super cute, yet cringe- worthy ringlets in her hair, and this new take on the bob doesn’t surpass the curls! She looks super sassy and fierce with her new hair cut and the more I look at her the more I just want to grab some scissors and do the same to myself.


Internet and YouTube sensation, Zoella, cut nine inches off her hair last month; a huge trademark of hers that meant her hairstyle videos have reached almost nine million views. Did she do it all at once though? Definitely not! The teen icon had 6 inches cut off one day, and three the other. I definitely admire her for her courage, and she just simply looks fab.

Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law has had some really enviable hairstyles, some that I don’t actually know how she’s managed to pull off, and now she’s gone from pixie to bob! She looks super elegant and I’m so glad she’s gone for the beach waves, over curls or something sleek; if there was ever a way to describe Jennifer Lawrence’s red carpet looks, then it’s definitely effortless.

Kim Kardashian

Now, this is one that nobody was expecting. Kim wears the same nude colours day in and day out, and her hair always comes second best to that amazing contouring she has got going on. But she stepped out in New York last week with a sleek, shoulder-length hairdo, that she apparently hadn’t washed in two days (I know you’re thinking ‘phew!’ about that scruffy up-do you’ve been attacking dry shampoo with lately!). I wasn’t sure she could pull it off when I first heard, but with those chiselled cheekbones we cannot deny how good she looks with this new hair do!

I'm Lauren Collier. I'm nineteen years old and I'm a second year English Language in the Media undergraduate. I'm a social media enthusiast, blogger and obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle!Email: lauren-collier@hotmail.co.ukInstagram: www.instagram.com/laurenlcollierTwitter: www.twitter.com/laurenlcollier
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