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There’s a definite divide when it comes to pancake day. You’re either a go-hard traditionalist who won’t let anything other than sugar and lemon on your pancakes, or you’re willing to have pretty  much anything edible as your toppings. Does Nutella really belong on a pancake?

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Another area that seems to cause much debate is the mention of ‘packet mix’. Personally, I don’t see the benefits of buying such ingredients, when they’re likely to all be in your cupboards anyway. You can’t really argue ‘it saves time’ when you’ll spend a while figuring out why your pancakes don’t look like everyone else’s on Instagram (it’s because you didn’t make your own).

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There is also the issue of when to eat your pancakes. For pancake lovers, Shrove Tuesday is the perfect excuse, not that one is needed, to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the other hand, some will have several as their main evening meal, whereas others will have a few afterwards. Should pancakes be a dessert only option?

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And then there’s the classic ‘we should have these more often’. Every. Single. Year.

An occasion somewhat overshadowed by Valentine’s Day, it ought to be celebrated.

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Helen Jordan

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Helen is a third year English Language student and will graduate in 2019. Her favourite topics to write about include cooking and tips for uni life. This is Helen's second year writing for Her Campus and she is looking forward to her role as Chapter Correspondent for Lancaster in the 2018/2019 academic year.
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