Our Favourite Disney Couples

As some of you probably know by now, I’m a huge Disney fan and luckily, 2 of my flatmates share my love for all things Disney! In the spirit of Valentine’s, I asked them who their favourite Disney couples are and why.

Gabi's favourite are Bernard & Bianca, The Rescuers;

“They're so in love and they're such a good team, they're the best agents in the Rescue Aid Society. And they're adorable. Like a bad-ass mouse couple. With an awesome fashion sense.”

I’ve not actually seen this film but it sounds like I need to check it out!

Abbey's favourite are Belle & Beast, Beauty & The Beast:

“He knew she liked books so he said the library was hers. Cute couple, especially the snow ball fight!”

I can’t deny, that library is a thing of beauty (pardon the pun)

My favourite are Tiana & Naveen, Princess & The Frog:

These two just level each other out so well- he teaches her that there’s more to life than work and she inspires him with her positivity and work ethic. Together, they are an awesome power couple, making each other the best version of themselves!

(Disclaimer: I can’t actually pick a favourite so among my other favourites are Rapunzel & Flynn and Ariel & Eric!)

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