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National Love Your Pet Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lancaster chapter.

Another previously unknown date to me was 20th February’s National Love your Pet Day! I guess it makes sense, with Valentine’s the week before expressing a ‘love your partner day’, why not spread the love to our amazing pets the week after? Let’s be honest, they’re pretty amazing. Be it a rat, cat, dog, snake, spider, fish or any other weird and wonderful animal, our pets are there for us no matter what. They judge us from a distance, demand our attention in the most stressful of occasions and have a tendency to search and destroy anything of importance, what’s not to love? I leapt at the chance to write this article, as it let me celebrate pets around the world, including my own- so, prepare my cat and dog, Stan and Charlie, the first topic of conversation before friends and family, will appear.

Since moving to university, other than phone calls (as my mum insists on me meowing to Stan when I am in public and am bound to get weird looks), I have spent less time with my pets. As a result, the times that I am home are filled with needy meows, dog-breath kisses and fur-covered clothing. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, as I owe them a lot, as shown in the list below, showing why we should appreciate our pets!

They keep us clean

They can be the least photogenic creatures in existence…

Stan doesn’t do mornings….

…or the most

They make great selfie partners

I hate when they look at nothing as though there’s something there though. ‘Oh, you’re watching a scary film, on your own in the dark? OMG don’t want to freak you out, so I’m just going to widen my eyes and focus on an empty, dark corner in the room, on the ceiling or half-way up the stairs.’

They love dress-up!

They make good memes

They’re cool

…and finally…

They love us no matter what!

Pets are amazing and deserve our appreciation. So, get to the shops, buy treats, go home for the weekend, if possible, to visit your furry or scaly friends, take your dog for a walk to a different park, allow your cat to lie all over your books. It is their day, let them enjoy it!

English Language and Linguistics student at Lancaster University, with a passion for all things magazine- be it beauty, fashion, lifestyle, career, reviews! Co-Editor for HerCampus Lancaster. Check out my instagram: conniemaitland