National Lip Appreciation Day

Well as you may, or may not know, 16th March is Lip Appreciation Day! Well why not? Our lips go through a lot, chapping and splitting in the cold months, getting over-exercised when you meet up with your bestie and of course… the bad kiss experiences…

So below are some products to treat your lips!


It’s a pretty basic one but sometimes the basics are the best!


Maybelline Baby Lips

Now, I haven’t personally tried this one out, but I’ve heard pretty awesome reviews!

Nivea- Glossy Shine

I use this pretty much every day and it’s great. It works as a lip balm with a nice, subtle ‘pearly’ tint. So try it out!


My mum suggested this to me, it’s a lipstick sealant that helps lipstick last longer and it’s pretty good- acting as a barrier and brings a matte finish to your lips.


This product’s been around for a while but I still use it. I started using it when I was younger because my sister told me that when it made your lips tingle, it was making your lips grow. Now, I now know that this product isn’t an instant collagen injection and that the growth was probably due to a placebo pout- however! It may not be magic but it’s still pretty effective and cheap, sometimes sold in Primark but can be found in most shops like Boots, Superdrug etc.

P.S. I recommend the cherry one!

Cream Puff Lip Cream

Saved the best till last- this is sooo good! You put it on and your lips literally feel like a cloud, it’s amazing. Just buy it, I command you! 

So after my over-excitement at the Cream Puff Collection… I have regained my cool. You should definitely try out these lip products for lip appreciation day and I guarantee you’ll continue using them, or if there are any other lip life-savers that you know, let me know!

Pucker up, pout it out and appreciate your lips!